North Fulton County

New surveillance video shows sheds light on case of missing lawyer

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — The search is on for the mother of a 5-month-old baby who disappeared nearly three weeks ago.

Channel 2 Action News obtained home surveillance video on Tuesday of 31-year-old Ciera Breland.

A contact familiar with these events told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne in the Ring video, Xavier Breland Jr. and Ciera Locklair, who was his attorney and at some point became his wife, can be seen on Dec. 17, 2020 inside the apartment of Brittany Lusk, who the day before had gotten a protective order against Breland from a Fulton County judge.

The Lusk case is newly newsworthy now.

Johns Creek Police Capt. Todd Hood said investigators have not found anyone who has reported seeing Ciera Locklair Breland since late February when Xavier Breland Jr. said he last saw her. He is now a person of interest in her missing person case.

“Xavier filed a police report in Carmel, Indiana claiming that he last saw Ciera walk away from the residence,” Hood said.

Eventually Judge Alexandra Manning issued a permanent family violence protective order in Brittany Lusk’s case, finding that Breland had violated the Family Violence Act by committing family violence, and had placed Lusk, her family and children in reasonable fear for their safety.

A document from Breland’s side said he denied he violated any Family Violence Act and/or other offenses.

A contact of Winne’s said Ring video, allegedly of Breland speaking to Lusk, was played in a court hearing.


Winne obtained a January 2021 hearing transcript for one of several cases we found involving Breland and Lusk.

It indicates Breland was asked: “So the recording that we just heard where you stated that her kids will come see her in a cemetery, was that not you? Is that what you are saying?”

“No, that is my voice on there,” Breland answered.

“Oh, OK. So you did make those statements in that threat?” Breland was asked.

“I didn’t hear that threat, no, ma’am,” Breland answered. “If I did say it, I mean, it is just another time that she has been antagonizing me throughout the years which is clearly why she started her recording.”

We can’t say for sure whether it is in reference to the incident captured on the Ring video, but the transcript indicates Locklair said police came to the house on the 17th.

“Ms. Lusk insisted that we be arrested, which we were not because we had not broken any laws,” the transcript said.

Hood said Breland’s past may concern investigators, but the present task is finding Ciera.

“We hope someone, somewhere in the public has seen her or knows her whereabouts,” Hood said.

Hood said Johns Creek police are involved because the Brelands had recently visited relatives here and the FBI and GBI are assisting because police don’t know where the investigation will lead them.

He said Xavier Breland Jr. is not charged in the disappearance, but jailed in Indiana on a Georgia case, not directly related to her disappearance.