New dash cam video shows state lawmaker's DUI arrest

RABUN COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia state representative charged with speeding while driving under the influence with four juvenile passengers onboard says he made a serious mistake.




New dash cam video shows the interaction between Dunwoody Republican Tom Taylor and the police officer in Rabun County on April 7.

Taylor said in a statement last week that he is taking the blame for his actions.

Police say Taylor had a blood-alcohol content of .225 when he was arrested.

A police report says Taylor was legally carrying a gun on his hip and had four juveniles in his SUV when an officer stopped him about 2:45 p.m. for driving 72 miles per hour in an area with a speed limit of 45.

The passengers were not identified in the report.

Taylor was elected in 2010. He has one primary challenger in May.

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