New Birth school closing its doors

New Birth school closing its doors

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga.,None — Dozens of parents said they are left scrambling to find a school for their children after leaders at New Birth Christian Academy said the campus will not reopen next week.

School officials told Channel 2 Action News that money and not enough students are the main issues, but some parents said they believe it's more than that.

Parents received a letter putting them on notice that New Birth Christian Academy was shutting down.

One parent spoke to Channel 2's Eric Philips, but did not want her identity known.

"It's almost like they purposely waited for the holiday before they sent out this letter.  I mean, a letter (that says) my daughter basically does not have a school to go to on Jan. 4," said the parent.

The letter blames a sluggish economy for the closure.

School administrators told Channel 2 Action News in this statement, "The deficit, along with declining enrollment over the years, left the New Birth Christian Academy Board of Directors with no other option.  The board has made the tough decision to temporarily close the school."

"It leaves us in a tremendous bind," said the parent.

The academy is housed inside the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  A spokesperson made it clear that the school closure has nothing to do with the sex abuse allegations against Bishop Eddie Long.

"I don't believe that.  I believe that this last straw with the divorce, the sealed settlement, it just does not look good," said the parent.

The letter also stated the staff at New Birth will help students and parents find a new school.

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