Naked man breaks into liquor store, steals can of soda, walks out

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A local business owner expressed surprise that a naked man police said broke into his liquor store and that police said he only helped himself to a soda.

Police said the man used a hammer to break into the Forsyth County liquor store earlier this week.

"The surveillance video shows it all. Police say the only thing the accused burglar tried to take----was a can of Coke," said Jamie Kurisko.

Kurisko said he had always believed that if anybody broke into his liquor store, they'd be after cash and maybe booze.

"I was pretty angry nut a little relieved because I figured he wasn't in the store to rob it," Kurisko said.

During the wee hours of Monday morning, Cumming police said an accused burglar used a hammer to smash through the glass doors of Beverage World.


The surveillance video shows except for a pair of shoes, the man wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing.

Officers say Charles Wyatt, 61, walked around the store, helped himself to a can of soda then laid down on the floor for a few minutes.

Police said three nights earlier officers also encountered Wyatt walking along the road in front of the store unclothed.

He was transported to the hospital the first time. This time, he was taken to jail.

"We've shown a couple of people the video. Some of our sales peoples. Everybody is kind of amazed. It's kind of funny right now, but it wasn't at the time," Kurisko said.

Police said Wyatt has a diminished mental capacity for which he takes medication. They said the first time they crossed paths with him, he had missed some doses.