Mom sues clinic after child's alleged botched circumcision

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A local mother tells Channel 2 Action News a terrible mistake made during her son's circumcision left him permanently disfigured.

She's suing the clinic and the staff member who she says performed the procedure.

While Dejuan Williams is all smiles just days ahead of his first birthday, his mom is anything but.   "No child deserves to go through this,” says Stacie Willis.

Willis struggled to fight back tears as she described the alleged botched circumcision at a Riverdale clinic that left her son permanently disfigured.

"I was in disbelief, because I had concerns about this from the beginning, so it was like reality had just smacked me in the face,” Willis.

This week Willis filed a $2 million lawsuit against Life Cycle Pediatrics, the owner Anne Sigouin, and nurse midwife Melissa Jones, who Willis said performed the procedure.

“It's shocking. It's catastrophic. I don't know what other extreme words you could use about someone having essentially the end of their penis amputated, for a male, is almost the worst thing you can imagine,” said attorney Jonathan Johnson.

Willis said the clinic's staff sent her and her son home when the bleeding slowed, rather than seek emergency care. The lawsuit claims Dejuan now faces a lifetime of medical and psychological care.   "I feel like you stole his whole teenage years, his whole adult life,” Willis said.

Channel 2’s Aaron Diamant showed up at the clinic Monday to get their side. A staff member said the owner wasn't there. Neither was the nurse-midwife when Diamant stopped by her home.   "To me it's not about the money. To me it's more of making sure she's not allowed to do anything like this to any other child,” Willis said.

Willis' lawyers said while the woman they said performed the procedure has been served with the suit, they haven't been able to track down the clinic's owner.

Channel 2 Action News will continue to reach out the nursing staff to get their side of all the lawsuit.