• Mother says day care worker sprayed air freshener in her child's face


    STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. - A mother is livid after she says she watched live video of her son's daycare teacher spraying him and another child in the face with an aerosol air freshener.

    Kids R Kids of Stockbridge highlights on its website that it has cameras in its classrooms and parents can watch from their computers or on their phones to see what their children are doing. One parent took a look and was horrified at what she saw.

    Monica Kendrick says she just happened to be looking on when she saw the assistant teacher spraying air freshener in the faces of her 17-month-old son and another child.

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    “So she went from one child that was sitting on the floor to my son that was standing right behind them and sprayed it in their faces,” Kendrick said.

    Kendrick says she immediately became upset and rushed to the day care.

    She says administrators watched the video and then said, “I can confirm that she did spray the children in the face and we told her that she couldn't do that anymore.”

    Kendrick thought the instructor should have been fired since the air freshener says keep away from children.

    “Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal,” Kendrick read from the back of the bottle.

    Documents confirm the air freshener incident and show the teacher had just been reprimanded for using her foot to wake up a child.

    Channel 2’s Tom Jones went to the day care to find out why it handled the incident the way it did. He was told the owner would contact him, but no one called.

    Kendrick has removed her child from the day care. She says she wants to warn other parents the assistant teacher is still there and shouldn't be with children.

    Kendrick has contacted DFACS and other state agencies asking them to investigate this incident.

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