Man brutally beaten by home intruder finally out of hospital, ready to go home

Man brutally beaten by home intruder finally out of hospital, ready to go home

ATLANTA — An Atlanta man who survived a violent home invasion is speaking for the first time about the attack that nearly took his life.

On Aug. 27, Jack Lipsius called 911 and reported seeing a suspicious man kicking in doors at his apartment complex near Centennial Olympic Park.

Seconds later, the armed intruder stormed into his apartment and began beating him with a baseball bat.

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Investigators found Lipsius in a pool of his own blood. Doctors did not expect the 69-year-old to survive. But more than three months later, Lipsius is back on his feet.

He had multiple surgeries and spent two months at the Fulton Center for Rehabilitation.

"I've been unlucky and I've been lucky, you know? I mean I'm just glad I'm alive," he told Channel 2's Michael Seiden.


Around the facility, he is known as the medical miracle who could be home by Christmas.

But before the staff can clear him, Lipsius needs a new place to live and a caretaker who can handle his daily routine.

"It is an issue with his cognition. He really doesn't remember too much, and he is very vulnerable," said Marquita Bradley, social services director at the center.

Lipsius has had a tough road to recovery. Doctors said his head injuries will prevent him from driving, cooking and living home alone.

But he is thankful for all the support he has received.

"From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being concerned," he said.

Bradley has set up a fundraiser to help find a place for Lipsius to live. To make a donation, you can contact the Fulton Center for Rehabilitation:

Marquita Bradley
Social Services Director