Local hospital creates ‘red carpet’ for healthcare workers entering the building

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is known for finding creative ways to inspire their patients going through tough treatments.

Now, the workers at its hospitals are also providing some extra inspiration for each other.

Healthcare heroes have been front and center throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Because they are the real stars, the sidewalks at Children’s Healthcare hospitals have been turned into red carpets.

“These drawings are such a blessing and make my heart so full,” said Alison Danforth, an emergency clinical nurse at Egleston. “They bring some sunshine to everyone who encounters them.”

All the “red carpets" are chalk-drawn by Residence and Child Life team members with inspiring messages. They also created lists of things they could all do together six feet apart.

“We are so proud of our Children’s family and wanted to do something to thank them for all they are doing,” said child life specialist Ruthie Hoover, who helped with the chalk art. “We just want our co-workers to know how loved and valued they are.”

If you are interested in helping Children’s Healthcare during the pandemic, here are ways you can support the hospitals.