Local arborist gives tips on checking for potentially dangerous trees on your property

ATLANTA — The Atlanta metro area has lately received large amounts of rain in a short period of time. This could be a dangerous combination for homeowners with damaged or dead trees on their property.

Pauline Luna did not want to take any chances and removed around 35 trees from her yard.

“I think it was like three or four that was leaning towards my house, and it was like looking really bad, and I feel like one bad thunderstorm, it’s just gonna fall on the house,” said Luna.

The health and structural stability of the tree is key when determining if the tree will pose a hazard.

David Hall, a certified arborist and owner of Top Tier Trees, says to look for large amounts of fungus on the tree.

“Any large cavities, any exposed root systems, any new erosion in and around the tree the could cause the tree to fail,” said Hall.

Hall even explained which local trees, in his experience, cause the most damage here in Georgia.

“The most common tree that we pull off of houses under storm conditions is Loblolly Pine Trees or Georgia pines. Also, Southern and Northern Red Oaks are two of the most damaging species that we come across.”

The recent rain has been both good and bad for our trees.

“The trees could use the precipitation to grow, but there’s kind of a tipping point where there’s too much ground saturation can certainly lead to tree failure,” said Hall.


Hall suggests inspecting the base of your trees and the ground around them for exposed roots after the rain has passed.


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