Lines snaking through local grocery stores; state leaders urge shoppers not to rush out

Following the latest updates over the coronavirus, people across the metro have flooded grocery stores to get supplies.

Long lines and short supplies have become a common scene all around the metro area.

Channel 2 Action News video showed lines snaking through a Kroger store in Gwinnett County as late as 1 a.m. Stores were packed that late and into the early morning hours.

But Gov. Brian Kemp and his office are urging people to remain calm and not empty out the stores.

“I would tell people going to the grocery stores not to panic. You can wait a couple of days. Let the supply chain work and you’re going to be just fine,” Kemp said.


Some stores are limiting the quantity of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes that customers can buy.

Last week, a Channel 2 Action News producer found a sign at a local Kroger store telling customers that they can only buy five hand sanitizing products and cold and flu medications due to high demand and “to support all customers.”

Publix set a limit of two items. You can get six of each at Target, while Walmart’s policies vary by store.