Lawmaker says she voted against bill to cause trouble, protest colleagues (VIDEO)

ATLANTA — In an exclusive video obtained by Channel 2 Action News, a Georgia lawmaker was caught on camera saying she voted against a piece of legislation to cause trouble and protest against her colleagues.

The video shows state Rep. Betty Price talking about voting against a distracted driving bill because she was mad at her fellow lawmakers.

"It's a protest because they ignored my bill last year," Price said in the video.

She said she was mad that lawmakers voted against her version of the bill last year.


"I'm just causing trouble. I'm not philosophically opposed," Price said in the video.

Price said all of this in front of a woman whose husband was killed by a distracted driver. At the time, Price did not know she was being recorded.

"I'm not sure I want to see it," Price said Friday when Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Nicole Carr asked about the video. "All I know is we have carnage on our highways and we need to do something about it."

The widow, Mary Carol Harsch, told Carr her husband was killed two years ago by a driver who, police said, was on the phone.

"I have complete empathy for her," Price said Friday. "We're solving the problem as best we can."

Price said she talked to Harsch on Thursday.

"It was as if my role in the process was completely insignificant to her," Harsch said.

Carr asked Harsch if she wanted to say anything to Price.

"I'm sorry that you are not demonstrating the leadership and the potential and the dedication that's expected of you by your constituents," Harsch said.

Harsch said she had a message for her late husband.

"Help me get through the next step. Give me the strength," she said.

While Price said it's the language that's the problem in the bill, there was only one other dissenting vote. So it passed and now heads to the House Rules Committee.


This isn't the first time Price has made a controversial statement.

In October, Price suggested that people with HIV be quarantined to stop the spread of the virus.

Price later said the comment was taken out of context.

During a Fulton County GOP breakfast this month, Price insulted the intelligence and looks of high-profile Democrat women.