• Jimmy Carter speaks out against Syria strike


    ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter spoke in Atlanta Tuesday night, weighing in on potentially military action in Syria.

    Carter spoke at the Carter Center in northeast Atlanta before President Barack Obama addressed the nation.

    Carter said he is hoping the United States and Russia can work out a deal with Syria for the country to turn over its chemical weapons.

    He spoke about the innocent lives that could be lost in a military strike.

    “No matter what we try to hit, we’re going to hit a bunch of people, and, as you know, kill a few dozen people with our missiles. The photographs are going to be on every news medium in the world,” Carter said.

    Carter also said he is glad Obama is asking Congress to weigh-in on a strike before launching an attack.

    “I hope that the United States and Russia can work out a deal, Syria will accept it and there won’t be any need for a military strike. The military strike won’t solve anything,” Carter said.

    Following Obama’s speech Tuesday night, Rep. John Lewis (D - Georgia) and Rep. Jack Kingston (R - Georgia), also weighed in.

    “I was very encouraged to hear that President Obama and his administration are prepared and willing to give diplomacy a chance,” Lewis said.

    “President Obama said what he had to say. He did not have the votes in Congress, the support of the American people or the aid of the international community,” Kingston said.

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