• Investigators concerned about new pink meth


    LAMAR COUNTY, Ga. - There is concern about a new form of methamphetamine that may attract children because of the way it looks.

    It is bright pink and looks like candy.

    Drug agents found the methamphetamine after raiding a Lamar County mobile home in a sting operation.

    Agents said they hadn't seen this particular kind of methamphetamine before, being pink in color.

    Investigators worry this is a new trend in packaging and selling meth that poses a very dangerous risk to young people.

    "Some of the intelligence reports we've received (say) it's made up to entice children into trying this narcotic," said Capt. Todd Pippin of the Lamar County Sheriff's Office.

    The top drug investigator in Lamar County showed Channel 2's Tom Regan pictures of the pink methamphetamine agents seized.

    Agents are worried about the new colorful packaging for an addictive, life-destroying drug  may ensnare even younger victims because it looks like rock candy.

    "That's our biggest concern there. They are changing the physical look of it, to sell it as candy to entice children," Pippin said.

    Along with the methamphetamine, investigators seized a scale and a handgun from the rundown mobile home that was surrounded by beer cans and trash.

    They arrested two men on charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs.

    Investigators said drug dealer are known to color meth with food dye as a brand marketing gimmick to bring in more customers.

    "I think it's awful," resident Norma Jean Parker told Regan after he showed her pictures of the drug. "It's a trick, it's made to deceive kids, and kids they don't have the maturity to know that this is something that can destroy their life."

    "They might eat for candy, or think its candy. But it's not, it's a drug. So that's a bad thing," resident Charlene Howard said.

    "This pink meth was one of the intelligence reports we received several months ago. It was found in the schools out in Dallas and Houston, Texas," Pippin said.

    "And you're worried it could happen here?" Regan asked Pippin.

    "Worried it could happen here," he responded.

    Neighbors told Regan they were stunned about the arrest.

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