17-month-old boy among 3 killed in shooting outside home

DOOLY COUNTY, Ga. — A 17-month-old boy is among three people killed in a shooting in middle Georgia early Thursday morning.

“I miss my grandbaby, whoever did this, they need to pay, pay dearly,” said grandmother Bessie Ingram.

There is pain and anger in the small town of Byromville after authorities say they found three people shot dead, including the little boy.

His grandmother said his name was Jashun Ingram and that there is no excuse for his death.


“He was a good little boy, he's only 17 months old, so what could have problem could he be?” Ingram said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and local authorities found Ingram and a 47-year-old woman shot to death in front of a house at around 4:15 a.m.

A 17-year-old girl was found shot twice and is recovering at a Macon hospital.

Authorities later found a 60-year-old man dead across the street.

“We do have a weapon in our possession that was located by the fourth victim that was found across the street,” said GBI official J.T. Ricketson.

Authorities aren't saying if there is an active search for a suspect only that the situation is still developing.

“We are processing the crime scene trying to identify any and all evidence that we can,” Ricketson said.

Ingram's grandmother said she won't get him back but she wants to know who took him from her.

“I just hope justice is served, for the grown people, but also my grandbaby,” Ingram said.

The GBI said they are questioning witnesses about a history of domestic issues.

“There were a lot of problems that were going on inside this residence, there were about 6 or 7 people who live in this residence,” Ricketson said.