Here’s what Gov. Kemp’s new executive order reopens in Georgia and what stays closed

ATLANTA — Governor Brian Kemp issued a new executive order on Tuesday that changes the rules for some businesses already closed because of COVID-19, allows some businesses to add new customers and keeps other businesses closed for several more weeks.

What’s different for restaurants?

The governor is making changes that allow restaurants to inch closer to normal. Restaurants can now allow 10 patrons per 300 square feet of public space and dining rooms. Square feet includes dining space, bar areas and patios but not hallways and bathrooms. Restaurants can allow party sizes up to ten people now, that’s an increase from a maximum of six. The previous lengthy list of restaurant rules remains in place.

What about bars and clubs?

Bars, nightclubs, live performance venues and amusement parks like Six Flags over Georgia will remain closed through May 31.

Will social distancing rules end in Georgia?

All Georgians must continue to follow social distancing rules and maintain a distance of six feet. Gatherings of more than 10 people are banned unless there is a minimum six feet between individuals. The rules apply to all non-critical infrastructure businesses, local governments, social groups, informal get-togethers and recreational sports.

What about the shelter in place rule?

The shelter in place rule for the medically fragile and Georgians over age 65 remains in effect through June 12.

What about day care and summer camps?

The new executive order expands the number of people allowed in a single classroom at a childcare facility from ten to twenty, as long as the staff-to-children ratio set by the Department of Early Care and Learning are maintained. Childcare facilities must adhere to the state’s 13 minimum, mandatory criteria that includes employee screening and frequent sanitation.

Day camps are defined as organized, supervised recreational, athletic or instructional activities held between school years. Day camps can resume starting May 14 if they meet 32 mandatory criteria. Overnight camps are not allowed.

What about gyms and fitness centers?

Gyms have a long list of rules that includes additional measures from the last executive order. In addition to screening employees and keeping anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 out, patrons have to be checked for their temperature and any signs of the illness. They must be provided with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer and all equipment must be wiped down with every use. Check-in to a gym must be contact-less and hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms must be closed.

Can you still get a driver’s license without taking the road test?

Nope. The governor signed an executive order that clarifies the process during the pandemic. The road test has been temporarily suspended and any driver who received a license without the test will be required to take the test to maintain their license. A process to take that test will be provided to drivers by September 30.

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