Here are the COVID-19 scenarios Georgia schools are reviewing for the fall

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — This week state education officials released their "path to recovery" plan to get kids back in the classroom this fall.

The state report lays out guidelines for districts, but it's not a mandate. It contemplates different levels of COVID-19 spread in the community and what it'll mean for the classroom.

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No spread could mean back to traditional, in-person school.

Minimal-to-moderate spread could mean traditional school, with social distancing measures in place, a hybrid school year with both in-person and distance learning, depending on the school and district. Or full-time distance learning.

If COVID-19 is spreading rapidly at the time, then districts would have the option to remain closed and do 100 percent distance learning.

Districts will start to make those decisions some time next month.

Channel 2′s Mike Petchenik spoke to a parent of some students about her preference.

“With all health involved, I would prefer for them to go back to school 100% of the day, however, I’m still managing with my own fear as far as to who they’re exposed to," said parent Ehize Lee.

Lee said while she and her husband Ed have been working from home they’ve been homeschooling their kids.

“These kids just being cooped up in the house for 7 or 8 months, at this age, they need the social interaction,” Lee said.

Other parents have concerns of their own about going back.

Franitha Jackson said her rising Banneker High School senior thrived in a distance learning setting. Jackson said she’s concerned about a full return to the classroom.

“Social distancing I think would be a problem in the classrooms if they went back full time,” Jackson said. “Hybrid, online or full time. Full-time would be my last resort.”

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