Widow grieves all over again after husband's ashes stolen

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — UPDATE: On Sunday, Washington learned someone returned Valentine's husband's ashes. The urn was dropped off anonymously at a DeKalb church.

A widow says she’s grieving all over again after someone broke into her Henry County home and stole her husband’s ashes.

Lynn Valentine said she’s still grieving the death of her husband, George Valentine. He died just last month.

Valentine said this week the thief broke in and stole her jewelry and the urn – but she told Channel 2's Audrey Washington that she just wants the urn back.

“He was the love of my life,” Valentine said. “And then to have this happen it’s like bam, bam, bam you know, what else?”

Woman says someone stole her husband's ashes

“We just want him back, you know I don’t care about anything else I just want him back,” Valentine said.

She even said the thief can even drop it off at the Horis Ward Funeral Home in Stockbridge.

“Its not worth anything to anybody, but me and his kids and his family, you know we just want him back,” Valentine said.

Family members put up a sign nearby that pleads for thief to please bring back the urn.