Henry County schools begin virtual learning today: here’s what parents can expect

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Normally school buses would be driving through neighborhoods in Henry County today, but instead it will be a quiet start to the school year.

But with the pandemic, so many changes were made to keep students and staff safe.

This fall, Henry County school district is doing virtual learning for all students until further notice.

“Parents in elementary can expect about 3 hours of instruction while be conscious of screen fatigue with some independent work with about one hour of specials,” said Henry County Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis. “Our middle and high school should expect close to 4 hours of instruction with independent work added on top of that as well.”

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Davis says there’s also another option for parents who have to go into work this fall.

“We are building an evening remote model for our K-5 learners, so if that’s a better circumstance for any family to support their child in an evening session,” Davis said.

And technology shouldn’t a problem for remote learning.

“All of our 3rd through 12th graders have Chromebooks,” Davis said. “Our pre-k, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders will be issued iPads.”

Davis said she and her staff are just working to keep scholars excited and engaged throughout the year.

“We’re committed to making this an exceptional start even though it’s under the oddest of circumstances and really believe we have the professionals capable of doing that,” Davis said.

Teachers have the choice to teach in their classroom or set up a remote classroom from home based on what’s best for their family.