• Heated argument leads to calls of resignation in Johns Creek City Council

    By: Diana Davis


    NORTH FULTON COUNTY - A Johns Creek city councilwoman called for the resignation of City Manager John Kachmar Friday.

    Kachmar is accused of hurling verbal abuse and profanity at two citizens after a council meeting Monday night.

    Channel 2's Diana Davis said the city councilwoman told her the brouhaha is an embarrassment to the city.

    "The last thing any city needs is a city manager who cannot even manage himself. It's time for Mr. Kachmar to resign," Kelly Stewart said.

    Kachmar has been under fire since Monday night when Kristy Johnson said she had a heated confrontation with Kachmar after a City Council meeting outside City Hall concerning a road project.

    "(I was) definitely afraid and intimidated. I agree it would be appropriate for him to resign, that's all," Johnson said.

    Gerry Bush, another resident, called Kachmar a name after the encounter with Johnson. The police report said Kachmar approached Bush and shouted expletives. The police report said Bush believed Kachmar was trying to provoke a physical altercation.

    Friday, Bush told Davis he was going inside City Hall to file official charges against Kachmar.

    "This is a case of rage, intimidation and bullying by the top city employee, who has serious anger management issues," Stewart said.

    City Councilman Randall Johnson said he will not ask for Kachmar's resignation. He chalked up the controversy to political bickering. Stewart is an ally of Johns Creek Mayor Michael Bodker, who is running for reelection.

    "John Kachmar is an employee of the city and every employee is entitled to due process. I think its unfortunate we have this type of political grand standing by Mike Bodker and his support. And I think we need to let the process lay out. I think this type of grandstanding puts the city and its citizens at risk," Johnson said.

    Stewart claims the incident is only the latest outburst in a pattern of bad behavior.

    "We are learning more troubling information every day about potentially disturbing similar events in Johns Creek and prior to Mr. Kachmar coming to Johns Creek," Stewart said.

    Kachmar would not agree to an on camera interview with Davis. He mailed a statement reading:

    "I was there on Monday evening. I know exactly what happened. And I know what's happening now. It's called base politics. The mayor is lashing out through his supporters against city staff who have given testimony in the now four-month long investigation of the mayor."

    "I'm one of those people, so I'm not surprised that his supporters are asking for my resignation. It's politics at its worse and I trust the people of Johns Creek to see it for what it is -- an act of a desperate man."

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