Having trouble paying your bills? Here are the companies that won’t disconnect you

ATLANTA — A lot of people are out of a job during the coronavirus pandemic, which can make it difficult or impossible to keep up with bills.

Thankfully, there is some help. Dozens of Georgia companies say they will suspend disconnections of services for several weeks.

If you can't pay, these companies won't suspend your services through the following dates:

Amicoalola EMC: Through two weeks from March 16.

AT&T: AT&T won't terminate any phone services for 60 days from March 13.

Atlanta Gas Light: Through April 13.

Canoochee EMC: For two weeks from March 16. Late fees also suspended.

Clayton County Water Authority: Until further notice.

Columbus Water Works: Through April 13.

City of Statesboro: Water and gas disconnections suspended for 30 days from March 16.

City of Sylvanis: Until April 13. Late fees for payment after March 15 will still be charged

Cobb EMC: For 30 days from March 16.

Coweta-Fayette EMC: Until further notice.

Dalton Utilities: For 30 days starting March 24.

Georgia Power: For 30 days from March 14.

GreyStone has extended the suspension of disconnections of service for residential members, which includes prepaid members, until April 15.

Habersham EMC: Until further notice. Late fees also suspended.

Jackson EMC: Through April 13

Macon Water Authority: Until further notice.

Newnan Utilities: Until further notice, but residents encouraged to make payments.

Norcross Power: Until April 15.

North Georgia EMC: Until further notice.

Okefenoke Rural EMC: Through April 3. Late fees also suspended.

Planters Electric Membership Corporation: until April 15.

Tri-County EMC: Through at least March 31.

Scana Energy: Until at least April 13.

Southern Company: Until further notice.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: Foreclosures and evictions are on hold for single-family homeowners for 60 days.

Walton EMC: Until further notice.

Water Utility Management: Until March 31

Windstream: Until May 12

Xfinity/Comcast: For 60 days, but you must contact customer service.

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