Hall County

Business fire burns for more than 14 hours in Gainesville

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — Investigators are working to determine what started a massive fire at a Hall County business.

Flames broke out inside the AFCO business on Monroe Drive at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was at the scene Monday, where she saw flames spark up through a window just before noon.

She learned the building is used to make cleaning products, so chemicals inside were only helping grow the fire.

The building had been burning for more than 15 hours when firefighters told her they did not want to put more water on the fire and risk any chemical runoff.

Officials said no one was hurt and there is still no word on what caused the fire.


She said the burning chemicals could be smelled from about a mile away.

There are a couple of creeks nearby, which is one reason why the Georgia Environmental Protection Agency was at the scene to monitor for any possible contamination.

“We are conducting air monitoring around that area, the immediate area and the vicinity, and so far, we don’t have any chemicals that have been detected. No evacuations are planned,” Hall County Fire Capt. Zachary Brackett said.