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Woman pulled over by police told them American laws don’t apply to her

DULUTH, Ga. — A North Georgia woman is out on bond on several charges after she told police that America’s laws do not apply to her.

The officer said he saw the woman driving oddly and thought she might be drunk. He pulled her over and found himself in a very strange situation.

The driver claimed to be a member of the Nation of Moors with no need for American laws.

“Do you have your license with you?” the officer is heard asking the woman on police body cam video of the incident.

“I don’t have a license to drive a car,” the woman told the officer.

The ID that the woman tossed at the officer identifies her as Joyce Marie from Blue Ridge. The ID was labeled an American Global ID and Liberty Pass, expiring in 177 years.


“I don’t know if I would consider it an ID, but that’s what she claimed it to be,” said Officer Ted Sadowski with the Duluth Police Department.

That was when the officer asked the woman to step out of the car.

After several minutes of the woman refusing to get out, the officer pulled her out.

A man she was on the phone with claimed he was the consulate general of the Nation of Moors and that she was a member.

“I don’t have to have a license to maneuver. You do not have to have a license to drive a car,” Marie told the officer.

“Yes, you do,” the officer told her.

“No, you do not,” Marie replied.

“She claimed she wasn’t a sovereign citizen but that’s sort of the tell-tell sign of one,” Sadowski said.

“I am not a United States citizen. You are going to get in trouble,” Marie told the officer.

Police say they later found marijuana in the car.

She was booked into jail under the name Joyce Beasley Ali and spent two days behind bars before making bond.

Channel 2 Action News could not find anyone by that name in Blue Ridge or Georgia to contact for comment on this story.


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