Gwinnett County

Suspect captured a day after fatally stabbing woman, police say

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Gwinnett County police have captured a man a day after they said he stabbed a woman to death.

Police said Jessie L. Bodie stabbed his estranged girlfriend multiple times on Monday. She later died.

Family members identified that woman as Vera Tulbure, a mother of two.

Bodie was arrested at a Kroger on Rockbridge Road in Stone Mountain on Tuesday.

"Thank God the kids weren't here, because I’m sure a person like that wouldn't care about anybody's kids, other than himself," Tulbure’s sister Iana Butcher told Channel 2’s Carl Willis.

Butcher said her family is heartbroken but said the threat was well-known to them and police. She said Bodie became violent.

"I believe he should have been caught two weeks ago when we started having so many frequent calls to the police,” Butcher said. “It shouldn't have gone to this extent."

Gwinnett County police told Willis the victim and suspect had a history of domestic disputes. Each had a restraining order against the other, according to Butcher.

Butcher said the victim and her other sister were home and called police. Officers responded, but say before officers could arrive, the call was upgraded.

Tulbure had been stabbed and would later die at the hospital. Neighbors witnessed the frightening scene, which spilled out onto the street.


“(She was) walking the street just screaming. I mean loud as can be, on the phone,” said neighbor Jim Reisch. “It was just the worst thing that could possibly happen scream.”

Monday night, police gathered evidence from the home but still had no sign of the suspected killer.

“It doesn't make any sense how somebody could be able to do this,” Reisch said.