Gwinnett County

String of break-ins puts neighbors on edge; thieves steal $4K worth of valuables

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Neighbors said thieves have broken into three homes in a Gwinnett County neighborhood in the past few weeks.

A victim told Channel 2 Action News that a security camera caught one of the thieves on video. He believes the man broke into his home minutes later.

“I don’t know if it was two guys, three guys, five guys – no idea," Kumar said.

He's the third burglary victim in the Brookwood Enclave subdivision in Lilburn in recent weeks.

“It’s not easy. It hurts. I never expected something to happen over here,” Kumar said.

Luckily, Kumar and his family were not home at the time, but he told Channel 2 Action News the break-in put his children on edge.

“They don’t want to go upstairs by themselves,” he said.


Kumar said the surveillance video plays over and over in his mind.

It first shows a car circling in front of his home, before a man gets out and approaches the front door while covering his face.

The man knocks and looks in a window. A few minutes later, Kumar’s security alarm sounds, and that's when Kumar believes that same man broke in through a door in the back of the house.

“They took everything and there was some cash,” Kumar said.

Kumar said nearly $4,000 worth of cash and jewelry was stolen.

“I had some stuff in there that my parents gave me, 20, 22 years back,” he said.

Kumar installed a new back door that he hopes will keep thieves out if they ever come back.

Other burglary victims’ stories were similar to Kumar’s.

Gwinnett police said so far that, there have been no arrests made and there is no word on whether these cases are connected.