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More than 80 students implicated for cheating on summer reading assignment

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Dozens of Mill Creek High School students have been accused of cheating on a summer project and are now facing the consequences.%



Mill Creek High School Principal Jason Lane sent a letter home to parents about the incident. At the time of the letter was written there were approximately 60 students believed to be involved.

School officials told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas on Tuesday that number now stands at 83 and is expected to grow.

“Everybody's been worried about it. They are frantic,” student Zion Wimby told Thomas.

Wimby said it was anything but a normal day at Mill Creek High Tuesday as a long line of students were called to the principal’s office, accused of cheating during a summer reading program.


“All we got to do is read a book and answer questions. It wasn't hard,” Wimby said about the assignment.

“I texted my mom this morning. I was like freaking out,” student Lauren Davlin said.

Davlin told Thomas she's been told she's on the list and will likely be suspended Wednesday. She insists, unlike others, she simply worked with a study group on the project, but didn't cheat.

“People like me who actually worked hard on it, it's ridiculous,” Davlin said.

Mercedes Nieves’ daughter isn't caught up in the cheating.

“Good thing they found out about it so they catch it and have to work hard,” Nieves said.

The principal said language arts teachers began noticing similarities in students’ papers and that interviews are still being conducted, and that's why the number of students involved is expected to continue to mount.

“It feels weird. It's just weird in there,” Whimby told Thomas.

Several students say the going punishment is a one-day suspension and a mark on the student's record. The district has not commented on exactly what is being done.

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