Gwinnett County

Ethics board says commissioner should receive reprimand for ‘racist pig' comments

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Gwinnett County ethic board says commissioner violated two ethic rules for calling a Georgia congressman a "racist pig" on Facebook and should receive a public reprimand.

As the board made its recommendation, Commissioner Tommy Hunter was one floor below, casting votes at a regular commission meeting.

“We have recommended that based on the findings we made, that Commissioner Hunter be publicly reprimanded,” Gwinnett County Commission Board Chair David Will told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas.

The ethics board used words like disloyalty, willful indifference and unbecoming, as it found Hunter violated two ethics codes when he called Rep. John Lewis a racist pig on Facebook. Hunter also called Democrats demonrats and libtards.

“The ethics ordinance needs to be taken seriously and it applies to leadership of the county all the way down to the rank and file. It's critically important that the message is upheld,” board member Charles Rousseau told Thomas.

“I think the residents of Gwinnett County are rising up and they deserve better representation. I don't think this is the end,” attorney Helen Ho said.

The ethics board’s decision is only a recommendation to the full County Commission. Commissioners will hold a public hearing June 20 and will likely decide that night if Hunter will receive the reprimand or a lesser punishment.

“I'm glad it's over and I approve of the results. My concern is it's much ado about nothing because all we get is a mild, slap on the hand,” Gwinnett resident Chuck Johnson told Thomas.


“I certainly think message sent, I'm not sure message received,” resident Christine Koehler said.

Neither Hunter’s representative or his attorney replied to Thomas’ request for comment.