Gwinnett County third grader has baseball book published

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Mark Sanders loves the game of baseball.

“I’m a power hitter,” he says. The 9-year old also loves to read.

“I think this is very important, because when I was little, I looked for books that had characters that looked like me. Since I’m Black, I like to see myself,” Mark said.

But Mark says those books were few and far between, so he wrote one himself. It’s titled “Knocking Greatness Out of the Park.” It’s about a kid and his exploits on the diamond.

It was published, became a best-seller, and Mark has even had book signings.


“When all the books started selling, I was like, ‘Wow!’”

It was also printed in Spanish, which Mark is also fluent in.

Mark says his inspiration came from his hero Hank Aaron and of course, his parents.

He says even if you’re in the third grade, you can do great things.

“The moral of the story is have confidence, believe in yourself, and be dedicated,” Mark said.