Georgia group plans to knock on 1 million doors to help elect Ossoff, Warnock

ATLANTA — Voters are fired up ahead of the Senate runoff election -- and there’s one group that’s making sure people get to the polls.

Hotel workers have suffered a lot this year, and their union, the Georgia Hospitality Workers’ Union, are going door-to-door to make sure people vote.

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Small teams began their “Take Back the Senate” mission Wednesday morning, targeting likely Democrat voters.

They have a goal to knock on 1 million doors between now and the Jan. 5th Senate runoff.

Channel 2′s Steve Gehlbach talked to one canvasser, who lost her job at a local hotel because of the pandemic. She is pushing for a new administration to extend COVID-19 relief.

“Some people don’t have food on their table, so they really need that money. Warnock and Ossoff they care about the people and the power of the union. The people in elected office right now, I don’t think they care about us because if they did, they wouldn’t cut off the unemployment,” said hospitality worker Joyce Roberts.


There are obvious challenges canvassing door-to-door in these times of COVID, but the group said there’s also benefits, with more people at home who really want to talk.

The groups said they’ll do it safely, staying at a safe distance.