• Good Samaritan looks for man who lost wedding ring


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - A local man who helped several drivers during the winter storm found a man's wedding band in the snow. Now he's doing all he can to track down its rightful owner.
    Brendan Foley lives in Cumming but was stuck in Buckhead for two days during the storm. In that time, he told Channel 2’s Ashley Swann he witnessed so many acts of kindness between strangers that he can't stand the thought that someone working alongside him to help drivers or who ran into trouble themselves may have lost something as precious as his wedding band doing it.
    “There was a little bit of chaos there where everybody was,” Foley told Swann. “It was just a prevailing sense to help your fellow man and do the right thing.”
    A stranger came to Foley's rescue by giving him shelter at his Buckhead home. So, Foley decided to pay it forward by helping some of the drivers who encountered trouble on the neighborhood's frozen roads.
    “They couldn't go back because of the ice on the road and they couldn't get up the hill,” said Foley.
    In the midst of it all, Foley thought he lost his keys. But when he returned the next day to the intersection of Peachtree Dunwoody Road and Starlight Drive, he found something else.
    "I thought maybe it was my keys…great!” Foley said. “I reached down to grab it and came up with a ring instead."
    A silver-colored man's wedding band was sitting on the side of the road.
    “Maybe they took their glove off, and with their cold hands, maybe it just slipped off. That's what it looked like,” Foley told Swann. “It was just freshly sitting on top of the snow."
    Foley says he hates to think that someone trying to help others or who ran into trouble themselves lost something so precious. He says he's keeping the ring safe in hopes its rightful owner can be found.
    “That's something you cherish,” said Foley. “I just feel like there's somebody out there missing that and I want to get it back to them."
    The ring has some distinguishing characteristics Foley expects the owner would be able to describe. He and his family set up the email account atlantasnowring@gmail.com for anyone who may have information on its owner.

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    Good Samaritan looks for man who lost wedding ring