• Georgia Tech fraternity disciplined over yelling of racial slurs


    ATLANTA - A Georgia Tech fraternity has been disciplined after a student said member of the fraternity yelled racist comments at her.
    The student said she was walking by the Phi Delta Theta house when she saw some fraternity brothers hanging out a window.
    "As I got into my car, I noticed that they were sticking their heads out of the window and flicking me off," the female student told Channel 2 Action News in August, asking not to be identified.
    "I opened my window to hear what they were saying, and they were screaming (expletive) you (racial slur) and (expletive) you  (expletive) repeatedly. So when that happened, I drove off," the student said.
    The incident prompted a silent protest outside of the house. Some protesters stood with tape over their mouths.
    "Right now, we don't feel safe," a student told Channel 2’s Carl Willis at the time.  
    In a statement from The Georgia Delta chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, they confirmed the fraternity has been found responsible for the violations and have been sanctioned, termed “suspension held in abeyance,” which lasts through Aug. 9, 2016.
    “We have taken this allegation seriously from the moment it was brought to our attention. We stayed open and accessible to Georgia Tech officials, and immediately began to conduct our own investigation into the charges.

    “We remain convinced that the allegation is false, and that no one from our Fraternity was involved. There is compelling video and an abundance of other credible evidence that contradicts the claim, which remains unsupported by any corroborating evidence.

    “We are troubled by a disciplinary and investigative process that we believe was flawed, and we ask that the Institute be open to an impartial and independent review by a respected third party.”

    The international chapter released a statement:

    "Phi Delta Theta has learned of Georgia Institute of Technology’s findings and “while we respect the administrative process of Georgia Institute of Technology, our internal investigation did not find evidence of discriminatory conduct,” said Sean S. Wagner, Associate Executive Vice President.

    Phi Delta Theta was founded on the principles of Friendship, Sound Learning, and Rectitude. Any behavior that contradicts the spirit of inclusion and sensitivity to multicultural issues would be in violation of these principles.  To prevent this type of behavior, the Fraternity fully supports education surrounding these very important issues for both the chapter and the entire Greek Community on Georgia Institute of Technology’s campus."

    The chapter members will also be required to complete specified education and training.

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