• Georgia State to offer co-ed dorm rooms


    ATLANTA - Georgia State University will make co-ed dorm rooms available to students starting in the fall semester.

    Director of Housing Marilyn De La Roche told Channel 2's Dave Huddleston that students have been asking to room with the opposite sex, or gender inclusive housing, for 11 years.

    "People are going to live together, reality is, they probably do it now," De La Roche said.

    De La Roche says she gets several requests a year from fraternal twins or triplets who want to share a room.

    She also receives requests from gay, lesbian and transgender students who would prefer to live with someone of the opposite sex.

    Huddleston asked students what they thought of men and women living together on campus.

    "As far as my personal (opinion), just because it's not how I grew up, I don't agree with it," said GSU sophomore Angel Booth.

    Another student thinks the housing change is a good idea.

    "I feel like that is great because most of my best friends happen to be male," said Giovanna Vicioso.

    De La Roche says gender-inclusive housing is all about choice and nobody is being forced to take a particular choice.


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