Georgia pastor urges protesters to keep marching, keep the faith

DEKALB COUNTY — A local pastor traveled to Minneapolis to speak at the memorial service for George Floyd.

He told Channel 2’s Audrey Washington that his message for the protesters is to keep marching and keep the faith.

Dr. Jamal Bryant is the pastor for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in south DeKalb County. He gave the benediction during the memorial service for George Floyd.

“It was critical for the church to be involved because you haven’t really seen the church in the center of the Black Lives Matter movement. So, I was glad to be apart to say the church is not just on the sideline but on the front line,” Bryant said.

Bryant explained why faith leaders are so important in this moment.

“We’re not just hearers of the word, but doers also. The great abolitionist Fredrick Douglas said, ‘I got more prayers answered when I got off my knees,’” Bryant said.

Ministers from area Churches of Christ got together Sunday to show solidarity and to speak on racial division and injustice.


Bryant says it’s critical young protesters continue to let their voices be heard.

“Racism is not new to the nation; it’s just newly seen and the greatest weapon we have is our cellphones. An 11th grader captured the murder of our dear brother George. So we must use our cellphones for something, powerful and productive,” Bryant said.

As for how people of faith keep the faith during this time, Bryant says look at the bigger picture.

“A hundred thousand marched in Belgium, 50,000 in Paris, 40,000 in London and in 40 different states across the country. It is making a difference, it’s making an impact,” Bryant said.

Bryant says he will next fly out to Houston to be a part of the funeral service for George Floyd.

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