Georgia duo arrested for calling 911 over fake clown sighting

Brandon Moody and Rebecca Moody

TROUP COUNTY, Ga. — Troup County deputies arrested a man and woman who they say called 911 over a fake clown sighting.

Deputies were called Wednesday to the 3400 block of Hammett Road after someone reported seeing people dressed as clowns standing outside a white van.

The deputies talked to the driver of a van at the scene, who told them that he had run out of gas and allowed deputies to search his van. Deputies said they did not find any clown costumes in or around the vehicle.

The deputies said they made contact with the person who called in the report, 26-year-old Brandon Moody, who admitted that he did not see any clowns and that he had just made it up.


Moody also told deputies that 27-year-old Rebecca Moody also called 911 and made a report of seeing the clowns, but she had already left the area, authorities said.

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