GA man said he was ‘acting righteously in God’s eyes’ when he filed fraudulent $100M tax return

AUGUSTA, Ga. — A West Georgia man has been found guilty of making false statements after investigators said he filed a fraudulent tax return saying the state owed him $100 million.

Julius Williams was found guilty on Tuesday and sentenced to five years in prison, WJBF-TV reported.

“Williams reportedly filed a 2017 Tax Return for $100,000,689.00 on March 15, 2019. He then proceeded to repeatedly call the Department of Revenue demanding payment of his refund,” the TV station said.


Williams represented himself during the trial, saying he was “acting righteously in God’s eyes” and told the jury, “They would have to answer to God if they convicted him,” WJBF said.

The TV station said the jury returned a guilty verdict against Williams in less than 15 minutes.

“Williams was convicted in federal court in Maryland for a similar offense in 2017 for preparing tax returns for immigrants, using their identities to claim as dependents on his own taxes,” the TV station said.