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Some Fulton inmates spending days in jail after posting bond thanks to cybersecurity attack

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Fulton County is still experiencing the impacts of a cybersecurity attack that has crippled many county services, including some at the jail.

Sheriff Pat Labat said he and his team are working around the clock to resolve the issues they can.

But Channel 2′s Michael Seiden has learned that some people have posted bond, but are still having to wait days before being released from the Fulton County Jail.

Families say they feel like their loved ones aren’t being treated as innocent until proven guilty because they can’t get any information.

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The phone lines are down and the online database isn’t working, which is creating a mess for the sheriff’s office and bail bond companies.

Jesse Fellabaum with A 2nd Chance Bail Bonds says their phone lines are flooded with concerned customers desperate for answers.

“We get those calls, ‘Hey, can you find my love one for me?’ I have no way of finding out. I can’t get anyone on the phone,’” Fellabaum said.

The cybersecurity attack happened nearly a week ago and several of Fulton County Government’s systems.

“We have to now go in person to go and find out if the person has a bond and how much it is, got to come back to the office and do the paperwork, which we can do digitally, then we have to go back to the office in person to sign the bond,” Fellabaum explained.


Seiden spoke with criminal defense attorney Whitney Baker who says some bonds are being posted, but the people haven’t been released.

“It is our reasonable expectation that the sheriff’s office is going to honor that and release that individual, and I don’t think computer issues are sufficient reasons to be holding someone,” she said.

On Wednesday afternoon, sheriff Pat Labat released a statement that reads in part,

“Since first notification of the countywide cybersecurity attack, I’ve led the FCSO team through the intricate steps necessary to maintain operations while constantly identifying potential vulnerabilities in our courts, jails, administration, law enforcement, and tax sales. Our plan of action is working…”

The sheriff went on to say that he is continuing to be proactive in meeting with county officials and bond companies to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

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