FULL LIST: What cities and counties are requiring face masks?

Several cities and counties in north Georgia issued mandates requiring everyone to wear masks in public. However, Gov. Brian Kemp, in his most recent executive order, said face masks are strongly encouraged, but not mandated -- which supersedes any city or county ordinance. That means cities and counties cannot legally enforce the wearing of face masks in their jurisdictions.

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Despite that, many cities and counties have still mandated masks and others are considering it. Here is a full list. This will be updated as cities make their decisions. If you notice a city with a mandate is not on the list, please email newstip@wsbtv.com

Places mandating masks

AtlantaIncludes Atlanta’s airport, city parks and other public places. People under 10 and those with medical conditions are not required to wear masks. Anyone not wearing a mask at the airport will be asked to leave. In other parts of the city, violators could receive a citation and in a strict enforcement, charges with the possibility of jail time or a $1,000 fine.

Athens - Everyone over the age of 10 is required to wear a face mask in public with exceptions for personal vehicles and religious establishments, outdoor physical activity, drinking, eating, smoking and anyone with a medical condition. You could face a fine of $25-$100 is you violate the ordinance.

Augusta - The city of Augusta requires everyone to wear a mask in government buildings and private establishments.

Avondale Estates - Masks are required inside businesses and in outside areas where social distancing is not possible. Masks are not required for children under 10, people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing face coverings, people with medical conditions or while people are drinking or eating. Warnings will be given and there could be a civil penalty up to $100.

Berkeley Lake- The City of Berkley Lake requires masks at City Hall.

Brookhaven - Everyone over the age of 10 is required to wear a face mask in public places, even while outdoors in places where people from different households can’t remain six feet apart. Businesses that want to opt out of the ordinance must put up a sign and inform the Brookhaven Police Department. People who violate the order can be fined up to $50.

City of Chamblee - People must wear masks in the city of Chamblee starting August 23.

Clayton County - Visitors to unincorporated Clayton County must have on face masks in public and in government buildings. The mandate does not include private businesses such as restaurants and retail outlets, which are free to design their own safety protocols.

College Park - College Park leaders passed an ordinance Friday night. Residents and visitors will be required to wear masks “in all commercial establishments serving the general public - businesses, organizations, municipal buildings or other establishments” The new ordinance goes into effect Tuesday, July 14.

Decatur - The city of Decatur approved a mask ordinance Friday morning. Everyone will be required to wear a mask in public in the city with a few exceptions. Those who violate the ordinance could face up to $100 penalty.

DeKalb County - Anyone over 8 years of age is required to wear a face mask in public. There are exemptions for things like driving; eating and drinking; outdoor exercise if proper social distancing is observed; and underlying medical conditions. The ordinance includes a warning for initial violations and a $250 fine for additional violations.

Doraville - Masks are required in public in the city of Doraville. The ordinance applied to grocery stores, restaurants and city facilities. It does not apply to places of worship. The ordinance also includes exceptions for traveling in a personal vehicle, when participating in outdoor activities with social distancing, and when wearing a mask would cause or exaggerate an existing health condition.

Douglas County - Face masks are required in all government buildings and facilities, include the courthouse in Douglas County as of June 10.

Dunwoody - The City of Dunwoody has implemented a mask mandate until at least mid-August. Anyone over the age of 10 is required to wear a mask inside buildings and outside when they cannot social distance. There are exceptions for any medical condition that prevents masking, while eating or drinking, inside a personal vehicle, in a swimming pool, during physical activity with social distancing and within places of worship.

East Point ­– Everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear a mask in public. There are exceptions for working out, eating, drinking, smoking, being inside your car and for those with medical conditions. Anyone who violates the mandate could face a $75 fine.

Fairburn - The mandate was approved by the city council. It went info effect July 9 and violators can face a $25 fine. There are exceptions for health conditions, driving, eating and children under age of 5. The full ordinance can be read here.

Holly Springs - The City of Holly Springs requires citizens to wear face masks when entering City Hall and the Public Safety Building.

Kennesaw - The City of Kennesaw will require masks in all city facilities. This will include City Hall, the Ben Robertson Community Center, Public Works, the Southern Museum and the Hiram Butler House at Smith-Gilbert Gardens.

City of LaGrange - Private businesses are allowed to mandate face masks on their property. Those establishments must post signs at public entrances that says “Face Coverings or masks are required for entry pursuant to City of LaGrange Emergency Ordinance dated August 18, 2020.” A person who fails to comply with the ordinance will first be given a warning and an opportunity to put on a face mask or leave the establishment. If the person still will not adhere to the ordinance, it will result in a civil fine of $50.

Rome - Everyone will be required to wear a face mask in public. There are exceptions for working out, organized sports, eating, drinking, smoking, being inside your car, your home or a religious establishment and for those with medical conditions. Anyone who violates the order could face a fine of up to $100.

City of Roswell - Masks are required in city buildings and facilities. The use of masks on outside public property is not mandated bu strongly encouraged.

Sandy Springs - As of August 15, masks are mandatory in public buildings and spaces. Those in noncompliance will receive a warning. Private businesses or organizations opting to exempt themselves from the mask requirement are asked to post a notice in a prominent place noting that are not requiring masks.

Savannah - Savannah’s mayor was the first to implement the mandate in Georgia. Violators face a $500 fine.

Smyrna - Starting August 21, facial coverings or masks are required within the City of Smyrna for anyone over age 10. Private businesses that wish to not enforce a mask mandate must post a sign saying “This location does not consent to enforcement of any local face covering requirement upon this property.” If this is done, the entity is exempt from this Order.

South Fulton - Everyone over the age of 10 will be required people to wear masks in public until mid-August. Anyone entering a commercial establishment must wear a mask. All employees interacting with the public must wear masks or the business will face a fine. . There are exceptions for working out, eating, drinking, smoking, religious institutions, education institutions, being inside your home or car and for those with medical conditions. Anyone who violates the order will receive a warning and a complimentary mask. After that, you will be subject to a $100 fine.

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