FULL AUDIO: Call between Trump, Georgia Secretary of State investigator over signature match audit

Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Mark Winne has obtained the recording of a phone call between former President Donald Trump and a Georgia Secretary of State’s Office chief investigator.

Frances Watson, the investigator heard in the call, spoke exclusively to Winne about her conversation with Trump about the signature match audit in Cobb County that her team handled with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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In the call recording, Trump mentions other states in the South where he defeated President Joe Biden, including Florida and Alabama and questions how he didn’t win Georgia. He urges investigators to check signatures on ballots going back several years to verify their accuracy.

“If you go back two years or four years, you’ll see it’s a totally different signature. But, but hopefully, you know, I will, when the right answer comes down, you’ll be praised,” Trump said.

The investigation found there were only two mismatched signatures among the more than 15,000 votes in the audit. Watson told Winne that she found nothing to change the fact that Trump lost Georgia.

The call between Watson and Trump took place one week before the now-famous phone call between Trump, Raffensperger, his attorney Ryan Germany and White House senior staff members.

Channel 2 Action News has uploaded the full conversation and you can listen to it above or below.

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