• Friend describes ordeal searching for stillborn baby's remains

    By: Jim Strickland


    MARIETTA, Ga. - Consumer investigator Jim Strickland learned Friday morning that the mom involved in a lawsuit accusing Kennestone Hospital of treating a stillborn baby’s remains as waste was watching as Strickland broke the story.
    On Friday, a friend who was in the delivery room spoke out, showing Strickland a card embossed with the infant's tiny inked footprints.
    "I just wanted people to see that he was a baby. You can see his little toes," said Shannon Ashe of Acworth.
    "You held him?" Strickand asked.
    "Yeah.  He was wrapped up like you'd swaddle any baby and we just held him.  And we loved him and talked to him and let him know we were happy he was in heaven," Ashe said.
    Ashe also showed Strickland the tiny baby bonnet and blanket given to the 3-ounce stillborn boy, named Jordan.   
    Ashe was the go-between to Kennestone Hospital in the search for Jordan's remains. 
    She said her phone call from a hospital nurse led to a shocking lawsuit allegation.
    ''And they had told me that upon their investigation, that he had been thrown away with biological waste."
    Ashe said she told the mom in person moments later.
    "I just prayed for a second and I went out and I said, ‘Janey, baby, sit down.  They're telling me now that he's been thrown away.’  That was a really bad moment.  I never thought I'd have to tell my friend that," Ashe said.
    A lawsuit also charges the hospital with first telling the family the baby was cremated and buried at a local funeral home.  The owner of Norman Medford-Peden Funeral Home said there's no record the baby was ever cremated there and that burying him on site would be illegal.
    Kennestone said the hospital takes the allegations seriously and is investigating. A statement said that the legal process is the best forum to respond.

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    Friend describes ordeal searching for stillborn baby's remains