• K-9 takes down suspect in violent confrontation captured on video

    By: Carl Willis


    FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - Cellphone video shows a violent confrontation between police and a robbery suspect.

    The incident happened Sunday on Peachtree Parkway in Peachtree City. 

    Police said Charles Heard had already been arrested for robbing an elderly woman, then released on a technicality. Another warrant was issued, which led to the encounter on Sunday. 

    Police said they spent three minutes issuing verbal commands to get Heard out of the car. 

    “It wasn’t until the individuals in the car escalated it that the situation got to where it got,” Peachtree City police Lt. Odilia Bergh said.


    Heard's grandson and nephew, who were in the car that day, say they were frozen in fear. 

    “The dude with the Taser was like, ‘Get out.’ The dude with the gun said ‘Stay in. Don’t move,’” Chridarrius Heard said.

    ‘You’re really scared to move and if you make the wrong move somebody might want to pull the trigger,” Chris Heard said.

    Bergh said the passengers were not compliant, leading the K-9 officer to try a non-lethal approach.

    “It can be shocking to see a dog bite, but it can also be shocking to see someone be tazed,” she said.

    Charles Heard was arrested after receiving dog bites. His relatives question the officers’ tactics.

    “He hit me in the back of the head,” Chridarrius Heard said.

    Police said Heard and his family knew that he had a warrant and this could have been avoided.

    “The best thing I can tell anyone who’s wanted is turn yourself in to the local county jail. That’s the easiest way,” Bergh said.

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