• Exclusive look into the transition process for Atlanta's next mayor

    By: Dave Huddleston


    ATLANTA - Atlanta's mayor-elect Keisha Lance Bottoms is moving forward with her transition to become the city's 60th mayor.

    She told Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston that she can't slow down while her opponent asks for a recount.

    Bottoms has already taken over the transition office at City Hall, getting things ready for the Jan. 2 inauguration.

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    "There is an incredible amount of work that needs to be done," Bottoms told Huddleston.

    Bottoms gave Huddleston and his photographer exclusive access to her office Thursday as she talked with her transition team about getting ready to move from the Reed administration to her leadership team.


    "Vicki Palmer and Larry Gellerstedt have agreed to chair the transition team," Bottoms said. "These are well-respected, well-regarded people.”

    Bottoms told Huddleston that she plans to keep Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields on staff but will ask for all senior staff members of the Reed administration to turn in their resignation.

    If they are interested in staying with the city they can reapply and be interviewed by the transition team.

    "Department heads, I already started meeting with his leadership team, getting a download on who's interested in staying," Bottoms said.

    While she gets things into place for her inauguration, challenger Mary Norwood is asking for a recount of the Dec. 5 runoff election.

    "I do think it's her prerogative to ask for a recount, but I think it's a complete waste of time. After the rectification, our numbers actually went up," Bottoms said.

    Bottoms said she's ready to get to work.

    "Taking a look at our procurement process. Where we are with that, making sure it's shored up, so we know there are certain things that have to be done immediately and other things we'll have a bit more time to deal with," Bottoms told Huddleston.

    Inauguration Day is scheduled for Jan. 2.

    As for Norwood, she has until Wednesday to make the formal request for a recount. Once the paperwork is filed, election officials said they could have the recount complete by Friday.   

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