Elderly driver hits 9 cars, man outside of Clayton County tag office, police say

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — It was a chaotic scene as police say an elderly driver hit several cars at a local tag office before running over a customer standing in line.

Channel 2 Action News spoke exclusively with a man who was standing in line when it all unfolded Wednesday around 11 a.m.

“Boom. We hear this crash,” Carvas Jones said.

What happened after that left everyone in line at the tag office near the old courthouse in Jonesboro shaken and distraught.

“Everything flashed before all of our eyes. I think everybody out here was shocked,” Jones said.

He pulled out his phone and started shooting video of the aftermath.

Police say an 88 year old driver hit nine cars in the parking lot.

Jones said the driver hit one car backing out of a parking space. He said the driver then hit another car before crashing into yet another car.

“He goes airborne and once he goes airborne he then hits another car,” he pointed out.

That’s when Jones said the elderly driver hopped a curb and hit a man who was standing in line.

“He hit him and ran him over,” Jones said.


He said at one point the man was unconscious before he noticed him moving.

“I hope he made it cause he was bleeding from his head,” he said with concern.

Jones says after the driver hit the customer he hit a pole before hitting yet another car. That’s when it all came to an end.

“It started from back that way,” said Clayton County Tax Commissioner Terry Baskin, pointing out where the incident began.

Baskin said it was a chaotic scene when he arrived.

He said there was a line outside the building at the time of the incident.

Baskin said the overflow lines are because COVID-19 forced him to shut down his Morrow office.

“I had to shut that down completely,” Baskin said.

This incident is something Jones said he won’t soon forget.

“The scene was chaotic. It was completely chaotic,” Jones said.

Jones said the driver who caused so much damage got out and started checking on everyone else.

Police say the driver told them his accelerator got stuck. They say he won’t face any charges right now since this happened on private property.

Officers pointed out this is still under investigation. They say the man who was hit was transported to the hospital and his injuries weren’t critical at the time.