Mother says man tried to abduct daughter from their front yard

Mother says man tried to abduct daughter from their front yard

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. — A Douglas County mother said she watched a man nearly try to kidnap her daughter as she was walking to her school bus stop.

Valerie Bouilly says that man was parked down the street then backed up toward her daughter and motioned her toward his car.

Luckily, the mother says she then came out her front door just in the nick of time.

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“He was going to come out of the car, snatch her and take off with my child,”Bouilly told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon. “I’ve been crying all night. I’ve been thanking God. I say thank you, Lord, that nothing happened to my child.”

Bouilly said the man tried to get her 10-year-old daughter into his car in front of their home in Douglasville when it was still dark on Tuesday morning.


“It only takes one second,” Bouilly said.

She said the man parked his car here along Oakwood Drive as the girl walked to the bus stop, then backed his car up toward the girl before motioning her to come to his car.

But after seeing part of what was happening, Bouilly told Wilfon she ran out her front door to stop it from going further.

“He saw me because my daughter was frozen like this, then when I spoke to her, she looked at me and then she pointed at the car and that’s when he took off,” Bouilly said.

Douglasville police told Wilfon they stepped up patrols in the neighborhood on Wednesday, but Bouilly said until they find a suspect, she wants to warn other parents.

“I just want to tell parents to be careful, especially in the holiday season. That’s the last thing you want is your baby to just go missing. I thank God they did not succeed,” Bouilly said.

The mother said that car was a black Mustang with tinted windows and no license plate. Anyone with information on the car, is asked to call Douglasville police at 770-920-3010.