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Young woman's body found in Stone Mountain

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — Police are working to figure out who killed a woman and left her body in a creek.

Someone found the body Wednesday evening near a walking trail just south of Redan Road in Stone Mountain.

Neighbors told Channel 2's Tom Jones they heard gunfire Tuesday night and now they wonder if those shots are connected to the murder.

Police are working to figure out who killed a woman and left her body in a creek.

“I was laying down in the bed and like a pop, pop, pop. Like a lot of loud sounds,” neighbor Benjamin Holmes said.

Holmes wasn't the only one who heard gunshots Tuesday night near the Fieldgreen Overlook subdivision.

“We hear gunshots every now and then but no one ever thinks anything of it,” Holmes said.

DeKalb County police said a woman in her 20s or 30s was found in a creek near a trail on an old golf course nearby.


“A neighbor was walking through the trail (and) witnessed the body lying face down in the creek. And went back home and called 911,” said Lt. Lonzy Robertson of the DeKalb County Police Department.

The woman had been shot. The news didn't sit well with people who live here.

“Wow. That's terrible,” one neighbor told Jones.

Officers said the woman did not have identification on her and they don't know how she got there.

“We don't know if she was taken from another location, if she walked there on her own,” Robertson said.

People who live nearby say the murder has punctured their sense of safety.

“I'm not going for any walks anytime soon,” a woman, who didn’t identify herself, told Jones.

The medical examiner is working to identify the victim. If you have any information, police ask you to contact DeKalb County police.

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