DeKalb County

Thieves broke into school bus drivers' cars while they completed routes

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Local school bus drivers were surprised when they returned from their afternoon routes to find that thieves had broken into their cars.

Channel 2's Audrey Washington was at Buck Godfrey Stadium in DeKalb County, where officials said thieves broke into about 16 cars Monday afternoon.

"How was they able to do 16 cars in that amount of time and nobody see 'em?," victim Charles Lowe told Channel 2 Action News.

Lowe said he lent his wife, who works for the DeKalb County school system, his new white sports car on Monday. The thieves shattered his back window and rummaged inside it and the other cars at the lot.

"They just went through it. I don't know if they were looking for guns or a weapon or what," he told Channel 2. 


Lowe told Washington that this isn't the first time thieves have targeted drivers and that it happened a year ago.

Washington reached out to the school district and spokesperson Shumuriel Ratliff sent in this statement:

"The DeKalb County School District (DCSD) cares about the safety of our bus drivers and the safety of their property.  DCSD Police are investigating the car break-ins and have assigned detectives to the case. DCSD Police are working with the Operations Department and the IT Department on security enhancements. A plan of action is being developed regarding these enhancements."

Still, Lowe said he won't be satisfied until the lot has a security guard.

"They just need security because if they had three, four, five or six cars broken into, somebody still should see something."

Police are still working to find the thieves.