DeKalb County

Fender bender leads to deadly road-rage shooting

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Police say they've charged a man with murder after a fender bender led to a road rage incident.

Investigators say the driver shot and killed another person.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes got a look at the two vehicles involved in the incident and said the damage to was so minor you could barely see it.

Police are trying to figure out what happened after the fender bender to make the suspect shoot and kill the victim.

“I think everyone is on edge and the slightest thing sets them off,” DeKalb County resident Chery Simkins told Fernandes.

Drivers said they were shocked to find out that the incident caused a man to be shot to death on the side of Interstate 285 near the Ponce de Leon exit.

“This is awful. It’s terrible,” driver Timothy Barnes said.

“A little fender bender makes them want to get out and shoot. That's the problem with everybody being able to have a gun,” Simkins told Fernandes.

Police said the driver of a beige pickup truck slightly rear-ended a silver Lexus.

Moments later, there was at least one deadly gunshot.

“They had stopped their vehicles, the driver of the sedan got out of his vehicle and was shot by the driver of the pickup,” witness Shiera Campbell told Fernandes.


The shooting happened Monday during evening rush hour on the southbound side of I-285.

Investigators had to shut down three lanes of traffic while they gathered evidence.

Drivers rode by slowly, in the one open lane, while crime scene investigators, homicide detectives, several police officers and the medical examiner processed the scene.

Police have some advice for anyone who gets into an accident, no matter how minor the damage is.

“When you get into an accident, sit in your vehicle, call 911, wait for police to arrive; that's the safest thing to do,” an officer on the scene told Fernandes