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New health clinic opens inside DeKalb County elementary school

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Taking kids to the doctor is now a lot easier for families at one DeKalb County school.

A new health clinic opened inside Doraville United Elementary School.

The clinic is a partnership with the district, Emory University School of Medicine and MedCura Health.

“You can see there’s a shortage of healthcare in the community,” said MedCura’s CEO Jeff Taylor.

The full-fledge doctor’s office sees patients throughout the school day like any other pediatrician.

It includes a waiting area, exam rooms and lab in a space converted from an office and two classrooms.

The clinic is open to students, their families and siblings, as well as school staff. Dr. Jesse Berger, principal Doraville United Elementary says the need for services in the community was great and many may not have transportation.


“They can actually walk here to the school, set up an appointment, come to the school where their child is enrolled to get the necessary medical services or attention,” he said.

Second grade teacher Grace Cruz has already seen the clinic be a benefit to her students and their parents.

“Whenever they have a doctor’s appointment, many would have to get a taxi or go on public transportation to get to the doctor…makes it especially with those that work,” Cruz said.

But the clinic is right there and keeps both students and teachers in the classroom.

Besides routine check-ups, the clinic also offers vaccinations and has helped in providing timely COVID-19 testing to help track cases and also keep absences to a minimum.

Anita Camacho Jackson is not only a mother to a kindergartener, but also teaches at Doraville United.

“It feels more comfortable as a parent having a doctor say ‘okay, this what needs to happen’ and being able to give prescriptions, things like that, to make sure everything will always be OK,” Jackson said.

MedCura Health says the in-school location will serve as a model and hope to open more clinics within DeKalb County Schools very soon.


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