DeKalb County

Mother says child hid in closet as intruder broke into home. Now, she wants you to see this video

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — People who live in a metro area neighborhood say a man armed with a rifle has been breaking into homes in the middle of the day.

The mother of one victim told Channel 2′s Tom Regan that her daughter hid in a closet during a break-in and neighbors say the same man has been linked to other break-ins in the area.

“I didn’t know if she was dead or alive, or what was going on,” Queen Reese said about her daughter after learning a man broke into her home along Rainbow Drive in DeKalb County last month, while she was out shopping.

Her daughter was still inside the house when the man kicked in their back door in the middle of the day.

Reese told Regan that her daughter hid in a closet and called her while screaming at the intruder from behind the door.


“She was in her bedroom and (the suspect) opened the bedroom door on her and she was like ‘Get out! Get out! Get out!’” Reese said. “She heard him say, ‘Get the gun, get the gun.’ So she didn’t know if he had a gun or was telling somebody to get the gun so he could shoot her.”

She said her RING video camera captured the man leaving the front of her home before heading back to break through the door.

He ransacked her place stealing thousands in jewelry and electronics.

“He went into all the rooms, just throwing stuff out of drawers, flipped my bed,” Reese said.

She said the man is suspected in three recent break-ins, including where he’s seen in another video throwing a brick through a window. He was chased away by a resident.

Last week, a camera captured an image of the suspect with a shotgun slung over his shoulder, which they say is believed stolen.

Reese told Regan that enough is enough.

“He is a menace, and he needs to be caught. I don’t know if he’s mental or on drugs, but he needs to be caught,” Reese said.

Police are working to identify the man and take him into custody.