DeKalb County

Manager at Pink Pony was first to rush to help pregnant woman stabbed in Brookhaven

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — An employee from an adult entertainment club rushed to help a pregnant woman who was stabbed on a Brookhaven greenway earlier this week.

Nadew Mamo is the parking manager at the Pink Pony. Police said Mamo was the first person to find the woman, who was stabbed on the Peachtree Creek Greenway in front of her 3-year-old son on June 5.

The woman, who police have not identified, was rushed to the hospital where she had an emergency cesarean section, according to a GoFundMe for the family. She and her infant have a long road to recovery in the hospital.

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The suspect, 30-year-old Christopher Jones, has been arrested.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones talked to Mamo about the moments he heard screams as he was leaving work and jumped into action.


Mamo followed the sound of screams to find the pregnant mother bleeding heavily and screaming about her baby.

“She’s like, ‘He stabbed me.’ I’m like, ‘Calm down. Which way did he go?’” Mamo said.

Mamo said he also tried to comfort her hysterical 3-year-old son.

“I was just telling him like, ‘It’s OK. Calm down. Everything is all right,’” Mamo said.

Mamo said that at the time, he didn’t realize the woman was pregnant, so he thought she may have dropped another child.

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“When she said, ‘My baby,’ I was thinking the baby slid into the creek,” Mamo said.

Mamo called 911, but officers had a tough time finding them on the trail. Mamo had to run back up the trail to guide officers back to the victim.

“I waved at (police.) I ran over there and waved at them,” Mamo said. “They saw me cause I had a red uniform on me.”

Friends of the family said on GoFundMe that both the woman and the baby, who was only at five months gestation, are expected to survive.

Jones asked Mamo if he felt like he saved the woman’s life.

“I don’t know,” Mamo said. “With God’s grace, you know, I’m glad she’s fine.”

Mamo’s co-workers are not surprised that he ran to the woman’s rescue.

“We’re proud of him,” Aubrey Villines said. “He’s a hero.”

Mamo insists he is not a hero.

“I’m just a regular guy. I’m not trying to be a hero or anything,” Mamo said. “I’m glad the baby survived.”

Police said the victim’s family wants to meet Mamo and thank him. The Pink Pony also said it plans to do something special for Mamo.

Jones was denied bond on Friday. Prosecutors said he has been arrested 12 other times in Georgia and more times in other states. Police said Jones is homeless and suffered from mental illness.

The GoFundMe set up to help the injured woman’s family with medical bill has already raised more than $80,000. You can donate here.