DeKalb County

Local hero who saved deer at Stone Mountain -- twice -- tells her story

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A local hero who rescued a deer at Stone Mountain Park not once -- but twice -- is finally telling her story.

You may have seen the video: Last week, Chloe Dorsey got national attention for her Supergirl-like efforts to save a little deer that got hopelessly caught in two separate metal fences at the park. She crouched down and pried bars of steel apart to save the deer the first time, but the rescue effort wasn't over yet.

"You need to learn how to jump, boo!" Dorsey says on the video when she finds the deer stuck for the second time in a second, narrower fence.

Channel 2's Berndt Petersen was at Stone Mountain, where Dorsey walked him through exactly what happened that day.

Dorsey told Petersen that during her morning run through the park, she encountered a tiny fawn stuck between bars of a fence after watching other deer gracefully leap over it.


"I was like: 'Is this happening? I'm gonna have to save a doe!' And I look, and then when it moved, I look and was like, 'Dear Lord!'" Dorsey said. "I jump the fence,... I thought: 'You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm gonna have to pull this fence apart.'"

Dorsey used her superhero powers to pry the bars apart, and the little deer ran to safety -- but immediately got stuck between the bars of the next fence.

"What! I gotta do this again?? You are ... my emotions!" Dorsey said she thought when she saw the little deer struggling again.

Dorsey gritted her teeth and put some more muscle into it. She told Petersen the second time was a little tougher but she finally freed the fawn, this time for good.

Now, the rescue is the stuff of superhero legend (well, at least in Atlanta).

"I feel, like, superhuman," Dorsey said. "I did it! This is great! I stood there like, 'Yeah!'"

On Wednesday, Dorsey was wearing a custom shirt with her catchphrase on it: "You need to learn how to jump, boo!"

The adventures of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and now, Chloe Dorsey.