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He lost a fantasy football bet. His Waffle House server became real winner.

CHAMBLEE, Ga. — Michael Carsley says it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. In his case, it was Waffle House waffles.

“Much bigger than I thought in my head. The first 7 really took me down hard,” Carsley said.

Carsley and his buddies are in a fantasy football league. The guy who finished in last place agreed to spend 24 hours at the Chamblee restaurant eating waffles. Carsley lost, so he decided to make his trip to Waffle House interesting. He live streamed the whole thing on social media.

“I’m sure you guys have better stuff to do than watch me shove waffles in my mouth. But, thanks,” Carsley l said.

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For every waffle Carsley could consume, he was able to knock an hour off his time sitting at the table.

All the while, unbeknownst to her, Carsley was running a live fundraiser so his server, who was running back and forth with all those waffles, could get a really nice tip.


In five hours, Michael ate 18 waffles. It left him with a $49 tab. Over those five hours, his friends on social media raised $1,100 for his server.

“This is for you. I want to thank you very much,” Carsley told her.

“Oh my God! Really? Oh thank you very much! Oh my God!” the server exclaimed.

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Carsley said it was all worth it to see the look on his server’s face when he handed over the receipt.

“All around, it was a spectacular thing. The punishment itself was torture, but the outcome of everything was well worth it,” Carsley said.

In case you’re wondering, all those waffles added up to 5,652 calories, not including butter or syrup.

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